COVID-19 Daily Summary – March 23, 2020: Redeploy Your Workforce

As the economic impacts of the current pandemic continue to deepen – including record-breaking market volatility and significant disruptions to revenues – expect to come...

Streamline Your Workforce During a Pandemic

COVID-19 is showing the true impacts that our volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) world can have. The world has been forced to respond, with a pandemic...
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Streamline Your Workforce During a Pandemic Executive Briefing

Use this briefing to prepare your executives for the economic repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic and their effect on employment.

Streamline Your Workforce During a Pandemic Storyboard

The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered record-breaking market volatility, causing organizations to face very hard decisions. Initiate redeployment efforts and reduce costs...

Redeployment and Layoff Strategy Workbook

Use this workbook to document key information and decisions while developing the redeployment and layoff strategy project.

Skills Inventory for Redeployment Tool

Use this tool to match employees with needed skills in order to redeploy employees.

Redeployment Action and Communication Plan

Use this template to develop a redeployment action plan and document messaging.

Redeployment Communication Roll-Up Template

Use this template to capture and communicate relevant redeployment and layoff information.

COVID-19 Daily Summary – March 24, 2020: Communicate Effectively Through Crisis

Communication is always important, but it’s even more so during this time of crisis. Your employees are looking to HR for clear, concise messages that allow them to...

First 30 Days Pandemic Response Plan

The COVID-19 pandemic isn’t your usual crisis – it has an indeterminate duration and a global scope. In today’s VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous)...
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