HR Strategy - Solution Sets

Preparing for an Internal Talent Marketplace

Is a fundamental shift toward a skills-based talent sharing model using a talent marketplace platform right for your organization?

2022 HR Trends Report

McLean & Company's 2022 HR Trends Report gives you key insights into how evolving employee expectations will impact retention, culture, and more in the year ahead.
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HR Stakeholder Management Survey Guide

Compare stakeholder satisfaction against HR effectiveness. Use McLean & Company’s HRSM survey to identify and support organizational and stakeholder needs.
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HR Management & Governance Survey Guide

Uncover insights on HR’s effectiveness across core HR areas. Use McLean & Company’s HRMG survey and comprehensive methodology to improve HR service delivery.
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The Pandemic's Impact on Career Plans

The pandemic changed the nature of work and how we view the work we’re doing. Find out if there are workforce trends toward radical job changes when the pandemic ends or...
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Develop Business Continuity Management Response Plans

Crises are a fact of life. This remains unlikely to change, so effectively navigating a crisis depends on having a response plan in place to mitigate risks and lessen costs.
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Effectively Manage the People Aspects of a Merger or Acquisition

HR’s involvement is essential to address various people-related challenges that accompany mergers and acquisitions. Using a checklist will help HR to ensure that key M&A...
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Pandemic Survey Report

COVID-19 is reshaping the world we know. As we start defining what the post-COVID-19 world of work will look like, HR will be the ones to lead the way. Review current...
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Navigate the Pandemic With a Flexible Talent Strategy

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in unparalleled disruption for business, government, and society. HR leaders continue to be at the forefront of the crisis response,...
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The Complete Manual for COVID-19 Layoffs

When the economy is negatively influenced by factors beyond any organization's control, the impact can be felt almost immediately on the bottom line. This decline in...
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