HR Spotlight

Technology and Talent Acquisition – A 2020 HR Megatrend

HR departments need to take the lead on change management initiatives as ultimately, they are all about the people. And to be effective HR must be both resilient and agile.

What Can Strategic HR Leaders Do to Thrive in This VUCA World?

This post outlines my key takeaways from the two days of McLean & Company’s Signature Event 2019, where over 100 attendees worked on answers to this question with nine...

Building Inclusive Spaces? You'll Need Intersectionality and Empathy for That

Applying intersectionality is not only a way to analyze your workforce, it’s also a powerful tool for building inclusive spaces if carefully paired with empathy.

HR Needs a Different Approach to Project Management

​Project managers are dedicated resources that companies employ to lead a project team to complete a unique deliverable the organization has deemed necessary. Once the...

Why Employers Think New Grads Don’t Have Skills, and How They Can Find Ones Who Do

While most new graduates believe they're ready to take on the world, only half of all managers believe they're ready, claiming they lack essential skills. Why is there...

Learn to Learn: A New Method for Problem Solving

​This past year has brought an onslaught of articles indicating that organizations are feeling overwhelmed with the pace of change in increasingly volatile, uncertain,...

A Human Look at GDPR: Three questions HR leaders should ask about data protection

This article aims to provide some practical advice on how HR leaders can strengthen their data protection beyond rules set forth by their legal/compliance groups.

Attention! It’s Time to Talk About Retention

Improving retention requires engaging with employees directly to understand their likes and dislikes about their role, the company, and what motivates and engages them....

Overcoming Change Fatigue by Building Change Resiliency

Despite the fact that we have always had to deal with change, there is increasing recognition of the challenge of operating in a constantly changing environment. The...

Culture Is Not Just an HR Thing

In late September, about 100 HR leaders gathered in the McLean & Company’s Toronto offices for our Signature 2018 event. This year’s overarching theme was organizational...
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