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The New Normal of HR Needs to Be Inclusive: A Reflection on the Responsibility of HH Researchers and Professionals

In recent months current events have prompted us to focus on the pervasive racism in our society, sparking discussions among individuals, teams, and organizations on...

What are people expecting post-pandemic? An optimistic take.

The new normal opens a world of positive opportunities. We can use this “great reset” to reclaim what it means to work, to spend time with family, to use our time and...

Your Employee Engagement Survey Results May Surprise You Right Now

You might think that with unemployment at an all-time high and many budgets slashed that employee engagement would be at an all-time low. What if I told you that the...

Being an Organizational Ally – Moving Beyond the Social Media Post

The past couple of weeks have been a staunch reminder of the systemic racism that is still prevalent in our society. Organizations can take steps to become better allies...

5 Things You Must Do To Unlock Team Videoconferencing Potential

Enhance team potential via videoconferencing by following these five tips, shares Carmi Levy, Director of Content Marketing, Info-Tech Research Group.

Nudging the World Toward Pandemic Preparedness: Lessons for Organizations

Nudges have been applied on a global scale to assist in the fight against COVID-19 and have already made significant impacts. Organizations may apply these tactics to...

The Key Takeaway From Senior HR Leaders in Our COVID-19 Roundtables

HR is fully in the spotlight right now. While dealing with a pandemic is not the way HR ever expected to be able to shine, HR leaders can embrace the challenge and really...

In-Person to Online: Delivering Training While Social Distancing

Learning & Development (L&D) leaders are rushing to manage the disruption of the COVID-19 situation while worrying about the long-term consequences on their budgets and...

What HR Needs to Do More for Digital Transformation

Proficiency in digital transformation competencies is bleak, so how should HR tackle developing new critical skills, and what, exactly, are the competencies to focus on?

Technology and Talent Acquisition – A 2020 HR Megatrend

HR departments need to take the lead on change management initiatives as ultimately, they are all about the people. And to be effective HR must be both resilient and agile.
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