Employee Engagement - Storyboard

Catalyze Cross-Functional Collaboration Storyboard

Bringing together specialized skills and knowledge through cross-functional collaboration is crucial for organizations today. However, traditional solutions require a...

Design the Employee Experience Storyboard

Design an employee experience that will keep your organization competitive in the talent landscape.

Empower Managers to Take Ownership of Employee Engagement Storyboard

The responsibility of employee engagement has been on the shoulders of HR and the executive team for years, but employee engagement is a shared accountability that also...

Equip Senior Leaders to Drive Employee Engagement Storyboard

Senior leaders play an important role in engagement, but they are often unaware of their impact, resistant to feedback, or do not know how to take action. Help your...

Engagement 3.0: Transitioning to Leader-Driven Engagement Storyboard

Move from reactive engagement initiatives to integrated leadership with a focus on business results using McLean & Company’s five Engagement 3.0 insights.

Demystify Engagement Data Storyboard

Engagement data is only one part of the story - examining data in isolation makes identifying key opportunities unlikely. Informed action through insights is essential to...

Don't Just Engage, Lead Storyboard

Shift the focus from annual engagement results toward integrated leadership empowerment, to increase the connection between engagement and business results.

Train Leaders to Adopt an Informed Trust Approach to Drive Employee Engagement and Business Results Storyboard

​One of the primary means of boosting engagement is through trust building. Showing trust in employees has been proven to boost trust in leadership, as well as employees’...

Storyboard: Engage Millennials

A common misconception exists that Millennials are different than other generations. In reality, Millennials are driven by the same underlying motivations. This project...
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