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Reimagine Learning

Recalibrate the learning and development strategy to address organizational priorities, changing work environments, and the new development needs for today’s workforce.

Many organizations’ learning and development (L&D) functions spend the bulk of their time designing and delivering formal, traditional learning interventions and programs such as virtual or in-person training classes and self-paced eLearning courses. This formal and often static approach detaches learning from the work itself and does not align with immediate business goals and priorities.

L&D ranks 5th in importance among 11 HR priorities (McLean & Company, HRSM, 2017-2021; n=4,100), yet organizational leaders are unsatisfied with the performance of their L&D function. This disconnect is endangering L&D’s role in driving organization performance.

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Our Advice

Critical Insight

The workplace, the workforce, and work itself is changing rapidly. L&D must refine and evolve its approach by focusing on getting the right content to the right people at the right time through the right channels.

Impact and Result

Reimagine content, learning methods, and delivery channels to help address skill gaps that arise from changing organizational goals and priorities, dynamic work environments, and evolving workforce needs to provide learning solutions that are more accessible, relevant, and seamless with work itself.

Reimagine Learning Research & Tools

1. Identify learning needs

Assess organizational goals, the work environment impact, and workforce feedback to determine new learning needs.

2. Reimagine learning content, methods, and delivery

Identify and prioritize learning needs gaps and conduct brainwriting activities with the impacted audience(s).

3. Transform the learning approach

Select the desired content, learning methods, and delivery channels to best support learning needs gaps.

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McLean & Company is an HR research and advisory firm providing practical solutions to human resources challenges via executable research, tools, diagnostics, and advisory services that have a clear and measurable impact on your business.

What Is a Blueprint?

A blueprint is designed to be a roadmap, containing a methodology and the tools and templates you need to solve your HR problems.

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Guided Implementation 1: Identify learning needs.
  • Call 1: Discuss project team accountabilities and revisit L&D strategy.
  • Call 2: Assess the work environment's impact on L&D and review data to identify workforce needs.
  • Call 3: Translate common themes into new learning needs.

Guided Implementation 2: Reimagine learning content, methods, and delivery.
  • Call 1: Identify and prioritize learning needs gaps.
  • Call 2: Create learner profiles for the audience(s) impacted by the prioritized learning needs gaps.
  • Call 3: Prepare for brainwriting sessions.

Guided Implementation 3: Transform the learning approach.
  • Call 1: Select the desired content, learning methods, and delivery channels to best address learning needs gaps.
  • Call 2: Create and communicate a roadmap to reimagine learning.


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  • Mark Stauffer, Senior Manager, Global L&D, Brink’s Inc.
  • Kassy LaBorie, Founder, Kassy LaBorie Consulting
  • Diane Elkins, Owner, Artisan E-Learning
  • Rachel Bourque, Vice President, Corporate Learning Solutions, Kaplan
  • Kelly Rider, Chief Learning & Talent Officer, PTC