Leverage & Optimize Social Media for Recruiting

If your organization's applicant pool uses social media, use social media to recruit.


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Your Challenge

  • Social media is a recruiting tool that many recruiters know they should use, but aren't sure how.
  • Social media seems like a time and labor intensive venture, requiring resources many organizations cannot spare.
  • Organizations must have a presence on social media before it is needed to supplement the recruiting process, or efforts will be wasted on a sparse network that yields little return.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • Organizations must use social media to recruit or risk losing competitive advantage. It is difficult to attract new talent with old recruiting methods.
  • Use the social media platform that the majority of your target applicant pool uses – not what is most comfortable. Start with this primary platform, and once strategies are tried and true, move on to secondary and tertiary platforms.
  • Implementing social media as a recruiting tool is not a major organizational project. A few key strategy points, the use of a project charter, and consideration of overall recruiting objectives set a social media recruiting campaign up for success.

Impact and Result

  • Prepare or enhance the organizational strategy for using social media to recruit top talent and maintain competitive advantage.
  • Optimize social media platforms and posting strategies to recruit efficiently and effectively.
  • Use standard recruiting metrics to measure the success of the social media recruiting campaign.


  • Sun Life Financial
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  • rTraction
  • 107 other organizations contributed information to assist with the development of this solution set through survey completion and interviews. Due to the sensitivity of the information, all contributors requested confidentiality.

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Get to Action

  1. Use social media in the overall recruiting strategy.

    Tap into applicant pools that rely on social media to learn about organizations and opportunities.

  2. Understand the process of implementing social media for recruiting.

    Ensure a sound strategy and the most efficient use of time.

  3. Create a strategy for planning and implementing social media for recruiting.

    Leverage internal expertise, keep the project on track, and delegate responsibility.

  4. Analyze the cost of using social media as a recruiting tool.

    Determine the level of time and financial investment needed.

  5. Create policies surrounding the acceptable use of social media for business purposes.

    Reduce the risk of using social media and increase the accountability of those administering it.

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