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You have disengaged employees at your organization that are costing you. Engaged employees have a significant and important role in an organization's productivity. Employees who become disengaged have an equally significant and important role in an organization's poor performance and high costs. The employee base of most organizations consists of 35% to 50% disengaged employees.

This research report will help you:

  • Recognize that disengagement is prevalent in your organization and costing you a ton of money.
  • Understand the causes of employee disengagement, as well as your role as a manager in addressing it.
  • Identify those employees who are disengaged or are at risk of being so.
  • Take action to work with the disengaged employee to reengage or cut your losses.

One disengaged employee can have a negative effect on the entire department and cost the organization a great deal. Recognize the symptoms of disengagement and take action to reengage.

Solution Set Steps

  1. Understand the importance of individual employees' engagement, and identify those who are disengaged
    • Storyboard: Identify & Reengage the Disengaged


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Identify & Reengage the Disengaged Storyboard Sample
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