Talent Management

High-Potential Program Workbook

Use this tool to capture key information and decisions when developing a high-potential program.

Case Studies: Develop an Impactful High-Potential Program

Refer to this case study for examples of high-potential programs.

Nomination Template

Use this template to nominate employees for the high-potential program.

Self-Nomination Template

Use this template for employees to self-nominate themselves for the high-potential program.

High-Potential Assessment Catalog

Use this catalog to review high-potential assessment methods for selection and development decisions.

9-Box Job Aid

The success of the 9-box is crucially dependent on the accuracy of the assessments used to plot talent on the grid, and the development opportunities it is used to...

High-Potential Program Presentation Template

Use this presentation template to summarize the high-potential program to key stakeholders.

Design and Build a Strategic Workforce Planning Toolkit Storyboard

The nature of work is rapidly changing. Prepare to address changing needs by creating a workforce planning process that addresses critical talent needs in the organization.

Design and Build a Strategic Workforce Planning Toolkit Executive Briefing

Use this briefing to make the case to your executives to develop a workforce plan that makes the most of organizational change.

Critical Role Identifier

Use this tool to evaluate and classify roles in order to facilitate workforce planning decisions.
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