Talent Management - Tools & Templates

Talent Management Framework Workbook

Use this template to record talent management framework decisions and create a roadmap for talent management programs.

Talent Management Presentation Template

Use this template to present the talent management framework to stakeholders.

Retention Solutions Catalog

Use this catalog to explore and understand common retention solutions and their ideal uses.

Skills Inventory Tool

Use this tool to document the skills that exist in the workforce.

Skills Inventory Job Aid

Use this job aid to prepare to implement a skills inventory in the organization.

360 Feedback Interpretation and Development Plan Job Aid

Use this job aid to guide employees through their 360 feedback results and using this feedback to find areas to target with development efforts.

360 Feedback Interpretation and Development Plan Worksheet

Use this worksheet to help employees analyze 360 Feedback results, and determine areas they can build upon and areas to address.

360 Feedback Process Workbook

This tool will enable you to capture key information in one place while developing the 360 Feedback process.

360 Feedback Debrief Guide

Use this guide to help debriefers coach ratees through the results of their 360 Feedback assessment.

360 Feedback Assessment User Guide

Follow this guide to make the decisions necessary to set up, launch, and collect feedback from McLean & Company’s 360 Feedback diagnostic.
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