Talent Management - Tools & Templates

Management Course Calendar

A course calendar is an effective tool for listing and describing the elements in your management development program portfolio, which potential learners can then...

Training Deck for Managers: Implement Effective Employee Development Planning

Managers don’t see the value of development planning and therefore don’t make time for it, causing employees to feel underappreciated and disengaged. If managers do make...

Training Deck for Employees: Implement Effective Employee Development Planning

In McLean & Company’s engagement survey, only 50% of employees felt they were encouraged to pursue their career development. 33% of Gen X and Millennials surveyed rated...

Development Plan Template

Capturing development goals and recording progress, feedback, and coaching comments are all an essential part of the development planning process. It helps to keep...

Feedback Scenarios

Managers struggle with how to give feedback in a meaningful way that will inspire employees to grow. Use the Feedback model and scenarios to train and coach managers on...

Mentee Preparation Checklist

Help mentees prepare for the mentoring relationship by giving them this preparation checklist prior to your first meeting. This checklist will help the first meeting be...

Mentoring Agreement Template

A mentoring agreement or contract documents the specifics of a mentoring relationship. Use this template to set goals and clarify expectations for a mentoring relationship.

Training Deck: Build and Maintain an Effective Mentoring Relationship

Mentoring skills can make or break a mentoring relationship. This deck will help HR or a facilitator train managers to effectively prepare for and engage in a mentoring...

Mentoring Project Plan Template

The Mentoring Project Plan Template provides a central place to track progress and document the necessary details involved with developing a mentoring program.

Mentoring Project Feedback Surveys Template

Use the Mentoring Project Feedback Surveys Template to evaluate the program and garner feedback from the program participants.
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