Talent Management - Blueprints

HR Guide to Measuring Workload

Use this guide to measure workload, uncover challenges, and recommend interventions to support employees in achieving optimal workload.
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Create Functional Competencies

Functional competencies are part of a broader competency framework and are often seen as the next logical step after the development of core and leadership competencies....
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Develop Core and Leadership Competencies

A comprehensive competency framework founded on core and leadership competencies is an integral part of many HR processes and programs, including performance management,...
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Build an Employee Sponsorship Program

Build an employee sponsorship program to address organizational-level barriers and biases hindering career advancement and leadership diversity.
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Address the Talent Gap Driven by Generative AI

Generative AI can automate tasks, which will disrupt organizations by reshaping roles, shifting talent requirements, and impacting workforce composition. Address the...
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Organizational Retirement Preparation Guide

Retirement is a complex process for organizations to navigate. The Organizational Retirement Preparation Guide provides HR departments with guides and templates and the...
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Adapt Performance Management for Teams

Teams are becoming more prevalent in today’s workplaces, as they improve productivity, performance, and employee engagement. As the prevalence of teams increases, how...
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Flow State: A Gateway to Engagement, Performance, and Productivity

How your organization can activate the conditions for employees to achieve optimal results.

Headcount Planning Guide

Determine the right number of jobs and positions required to achieve organizational goals while adhering to budget constraints.
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Neuroscience and HR

Build evidence-based HR practices that work with the brain, not against it, to gain credibility with stakeholders and drive business results.
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