Learning & Development - Tools & Templates

Onboarding Guide for Human Resources

Use this guide to document key onboarding decisions about your new onboarding program.

Role Plays: Effectively Navigate Conflict

These role plays will allow participants to practice the strategies they learn during the "Effectively Navigate Conflict" training.

Handbook: Train Managers in the Art of Decision Making

Use this handbook to collect information and participate in activities during training on decision making and as a reference guide post-training.

Team Dynamics Handbook

This workbook will guide team leaders through the four phases of the team lifecycle and allow participants to take notes and complete activities during Navigate Team...

Training Deck: Foster Effective Feedback in the Workplace – Employee Training

Train employees to effectively give, receive, ask for, and act on feedback to improve employee engagement and innovation.

People Manager Conversation Template: Unsuccessful High-Potential Candidates

Use this template to help people managers navigate conversations with employees who have not been selected to participate in the high-potential program.

Learning Methods Catalog

Use this catalog to explore and understand common learning methods and their ideal uses.

Training Deck: Train Raters on the 360 Feedback Process

With ever-evolving working environments, feedback has become more important than ever. However, providing effective feedback can be challenging. Train your employees to...

Leadership Strategy Working Document

Use this template to draft the leadership strategy before finalization.

Leadership Strategy Template

Use this template to outline the final leadership strategy, communicate the strategy, and gain executive buy-in.
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