Leadership Development - Tools & Templates

Leadership Development ROI Calculator

Use this tool to evaluate the impact of leadership development ROI and compare program costs and benefits.

FTM Program Needs Analysis Tool

Use this tool to outline FTM expectations, analyze existing initiatives, and determine program needs.

FTM Learning Path Tool

Use this tool to determine FTM program delivery, initiatives, and timeline, and plan appropriate timing, duration, and relevance of development opportunities.

FTM Program Checklist – FTM

Use this checklist to capture FTM development tasks for FTMs.

FTM Program Checklist – HR

Use this checklist to capture FTM development tasks for HR.

FTM Program Checklist – Direct Manager

Use this checklist to capture FTM development tasks for direct managers.

Team Charter Template

This template should be used to create a charter for your team. The charter formally outlines details including the team’s objectives, team membership, team ground rules,...

Reference Check Interview Templates

Use the Reference Check Interview Template when hiring for entry to mid-level roles. Use the Competency-Based Reference Check Template when hiring for professional and...

Individual Development Plan Template

The Individual Development Plan (IDP) is a document created for the purpose of learning and growing. When goals are formally documented, it creates accountability for the...

Training Deck: High-Impact Leadership – Effectively Resolve Conflicts

Managers have reported spending 18-26% of their time dealing with conflict. Providing managers with training on how to constructively manage conflict can improve...
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