HR Strategy - Storyboard

Optimize HR Costs Storyboard

Provide guidance to HR practitioners on how to effectively optimize costs within the HR organization.

Reduce HR Costs in Times of Financial Pressure Storyboard

Provide guidance to HR Practitioners on how to make informed cost reduction decisions that promote HR's role as strategic partner.

What It Means to Become a Skills-Based Organization Storyboard

This research explores cutting through the noise and finding clarity on what a skills-based transformation means for an organization.

Effectively Manage the People Aspects of Mergers and Acquisitions Storyboard

Use this job aid to ensure that key people-related M&A planning components are adequately addressed.

Effectively Manage HR’s Work Guide

Use this guide to effectively manage and prioritize HR's work to ensure HR is undertaking work that supports organizational goals.

C-Suite Succession Planning

This guide provides an overview of the key dimensions to guide HR executives to work with relevant parties to develop and implement a C-suite succession plan.

Customize HR Programs for a Global Workforce Storyboard

Workforce needs are not universal across regions. Strategically customize HR programs in alignment with organizational objectives and regional requirements to ensure...

Training Deck: Basics of Navigating Data for Managers

Use this training deck to facilitate data literacy training for people managers.

Making Sense of Generations in the Workplace Storyboard

This research provides a critical examination of generations in the workplace and their practical implications.

HR Trends Report for 2024

McLean & Company’s latest research analyzes the key trends that will shape the HR and business world in 2024 based on survey data collected from more than 1,300 professionals.
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