HR Strategy - Blueprints

Effectively Manage the People Aspects of Mergers and Acquisitions

HR’s involvement is essential to address various people-related challenges that accompany mergers and acquisitions. Using a checklist will help HR to ensure that key M&A...
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Effectively Manage HR's Work

HR’s stress levels are on the rise, and HR’s work is becoming more strategic. Support the HR organization with optimizing and prioritizing their work to ensure HR is...
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Customize HR Programs for a Global Workforce

Use this research to strategically customize HR programs in alignment with organizational objectives and regional needs.
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Basics of Navigating Data for Managers

Download McLean & Company’s training deck to cultivate effective data literacy strategies and navigate the complexities of a data-driven work world.
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Making Sense of Generations in the Workplace

From “kids these days” to “OK, boomer”: A critical examination of generations in the workplace and their practical implications.

HR Trends Report 2024

McLean & Company’s latest research analyzes the key trends that will shape the HR and business world in 2024 based on survey data collected from more than 1,300 professionals.
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Determine the Right HR Outsourcing Solution

HR departments are trying to engage in more strategic, value-add work for the organization and decrease time spent on non-core administrative tasks. Organizations are...
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Establish Data Governance for HR

Download this research to implement HR data governance practices using a phased approach that addresses both urgent and strategic data governance needs.
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HR Organizational Alignment Diagnostic Guide

Compare key player satisfaction with HR effectiveness. Use McLean & Company’s HROA diagnostic to identify and support organizational and key player needs.
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HR Management & Governance Diagnostic Guide

Uncover insights on HR’s effectiveness across core HR areas. Use McLean & Company’s HRMG diagnostic and comprehensive methodology to improve HR service delivery.
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