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HR Trends Report 2023

Explore the trends that will influence HR in 2023 and beyond as determined by over 1,000 human resources and business professionals in McLean & Company’s HR Trends Report...
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Redeploy Your Workforce During a Crisis

COVID-19 is showing the true impacts that our volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) world can have. The world has been forced to respond, with a pandemic...
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The Complete Manual for Layoffs

When the economy is negatively influenced by factors beyond any organization's control, the impact can be felt almost immediately on the bottom line. This decline in...
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How to Be an Effective Change Agent

Download our role guide and learn how to maximize a change agent’s ability to influence the success of an organizational change.
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How to Be a Successful Change Champion

Download our role guide and learn how to equip change champions with the strategies and knowledge they need to excel in their role and responsibilities.
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Data Literacy for HR Professionals

Data is everywhere, but its true power comes from an ability to observe trends and gain insight from it. Learning to leverage often readily available people data can help...
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The Rise of Organizational Transparency

Transparency is here to stay. What level of transparency is best suited for your organization?

Preparing for an Internal Talent Marketplace

Is a fundamental shift toward a skills-based talent sharing model using a talent marketplace platform right for your organization?

Activate Frontline Managers in Change Management

Given their proximity and daily interactions with employees, frontline managers are best suited to support employees through change. Equip frontline managers with the...
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Redesign Your HR Structure

HR’s structure underpins how an HR function operates. HR needs to be structured in a way that enables it to operate efficiently and effectively.
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