Change Management - Storyboard

Effectively Manage the People Aspects of Mergers and Acquisitions Storyboard

Use this job aid to ensure that key people-related M&A planning components are adequately addressed.

Making Sense of Generations in the Workplace Storyboard

This research provides a critical examination of generations in the workplace and their practical implications.

Build a Change Sustainment Plan Storyboard

Organizations need to plan for change sustainment beyond the launch of the change. Involve key leaders in sustainment planning from the start, as leaders need to lead...

Training Deck: Equip Managers to Navigate the Change Management Process

Use this training deck to facilitate change management process training for managers.

Develop a Resilient Workforce Storyboard

A rapidly changing world of work affects all employees and demands a resilient workforce to adapt to its affects. However, resiliency isn't an inherited trait. Rather,...

Neuroscience and HR Storyboard

Neuroscience provides hard evidence for the importance of soft skills in HR. Use it to show stakeholders how people practices affect the bottom line.

Role Guide: How to Be an Effective Change Agent

Use this interactive role guide to help change agents perform effectively in their role in change management and sustainment.

Role Guide: How to Be a Successful Change Champion

Use this interactive role guide to help change champions succeed in their role in change management and sustainment.

Craft an Internal Communications Strategy Storyboard

Inform, engage, and inspire employees with messages that matter. Develop an internal communications strategy that doesn't just speak to employees, but speaks with them.

The Rise of Organizational Transparency Storyboard

External pressures and employee expectations are pushing organizations toward transparency. Select the right level and embed transparency into different area of the...
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