Work Environment - Tools & Templates

Email Scenario Handouts

Use these scenarios as part of Foundational Communication Skills training to practice communication skills.

Idea Catalog: Foster Informal Relationships Virtually

Use this catalog to select ideas to foster informal relationships in a virtual environment.

Employee Resource Group (ERG) Charter Template

Provide this customizable Employee Resource Group (ERG) Charter to newly formed ERGs to assist the group in outlining the scope, purpose, and goals and documenting...

Nine Ways to Support Working Caregivers Today

Review this catalog for tactics on how organizations can support caregivers with children at home. Each tactic includes tips and potential risks and is categorized by...

Training Deck: Foster Effective Feedback Skills – Employee Training

Train employees to effectively give, receive, ask for, and act on feedback to improve employee engagement and innovation.

Effective Feedback Training Comprehensive Role Play Scenarios

​Use these role play scenarios during employee and manager training on effective feedback skills to give them practice with all feedback actions and directions.

Effective Feedback Skills Knowledge Check

Use this quiz after training employees and managers on effective feedback practices to assess their understanding of the content.

Foster Effective Feedback Skills Training Session Feedback Form

Use this template to collect assessments from participants of effective feedback skills training.

Foster Effective Feedback Skills Training Follow-Up Assessment

Use this template to conduct a survey of effective feedback skills training participants to assess behavior changes post-training.

Foster Effective Feedback Participant Handbook – Manager Training

Use this handbook to record information and participate in activities during training on effective feedback and as a reference post-training.
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