Work Environment - Tools & Templates

Diversity & Inclusion Strategy Template

Use this template to document high-level information while developing the diversity and inclusion strategy.

Inclusive Work Practices Template

Use this template to evaluate and customize work practices with leaders.

Executive Reflection Template

Distribute the Executive Reflection Template to senior leaders prior to the reflection workshop to encourage discussion of current behaviors and their impact on desired...

COVID-19 Work Status Tracking Tool

Use this tool to have an easy way of recording critical information about how and where your team is working.

HR’s Guide to Work-From-Home (WFH) Employee Wellbeing

The COVID-19 outbreak not only has an impact on physical health; it impacts overall wellbeing. In order to support the organization through this period, HR needs to take...

Wellness and Working From Home

A sudden shift to working from home can create a lot of stress, especially during a time with so many changes and uncertainty. Help employees maintain physical and mental...

Performance Management for Emergency Work-From-Home

Performance management during an emergency work-from-home (WFH) protocol may be a challenge for managers that are not used to leading a remote team. Help managers adjust...

Health & Safety At Home Infographic

When employees work from home, ensure health and safety is top of mind. Help employees keep themselves safe wherever they are working.

Dependent-Flextime Agreement Template

A tool that will help you formalize any individual temporary working arrangements needed to balance caregiving for dependents with working from home during a pandemic.

Pandemic Dependent Care Policy

A sample policy to get you started immediately on managing remote employees whose work is disrupted by the closure of regular care services for dependents.
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