Diversity, Equity & Inclusion - Tools & Templates

Create a Personal User Manual Template

This tool provides first-time leaders with a customizable template that they and their staff can use to write their own personal "user manuals," or documents about their...

Practice Neuroinclusive Leadership Infographic

This infographic enables first-time leaders to build their awareness of common challenges neurodivergent staff face and be prepared to use this knowledge as they navigate...

Support Menopausal Staff: Action Planning Tool

Share this tool with leaders to assist them in creating an action plan to effectively support menopausal staff on their team. This tool will guide them in outlining the...

Navigate the "Be an Ally for Menopausal Staff" Learning Guide for First-Time Leaders

This short guide provides HR professionals with advice on how to customize and share the "Be an Ally for Menopausal Staff" learning guide for first-time leaders and...

Employee Sponsorship Charter Template

Use this Employee Sponsorship Charter Template to document sponsorship expectations and relationship milestones that must be shared with sponsors and sponsorees.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Workbook

Use this workbook to document key information and decisions while developing the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion strategy.

Inclusive Hiring: A Guide for Managers

Use this guide in conjunction with the Equip Managers to Recruit Quality Staff training or as a standalone resource for tips on inclusive hiring for managers.

Employee Wellbeing Infographic

Share this one-page infographic with employees to educate them about the dimensions of employee wellbeing and what wellbeing resources are being offered by the organization.

Psychological Safety at Work Infographic

Use this infographic to increase awareness and promote psychologically safe practices at work.

Psychological Safety: Communication Tip Sheet for People Leaders

Use this tip sheet to provide leaders with tools for communicating with employees to help build psychological safety.
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