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Put the social back in social media − build stakeholder partnerships to effectively reach talent.

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  • Karen Azulai, Editor-in-Chief and Cofounder, HRTech Nation
  • Sabrina Baker, HR Consultant & Recruiter, Acacia HR Solutions
  • Kim Benedict, CEO & Cofounder, TalentMinded Inc.
  • Gurprit Bhambra, Global Talent Acquisition Director, Arvato Bertelsmann CRM
  • Amanda Blum, Senior HR Assistant, Capital Farm Credit
  • Angela Bortolussi, Partner, Recruiting Social
  • Sean Burkett, Manager, Product Development and Innovation, Info-Tech Research Group
  • Orlando Castillo, Organizational Effectiveness Manager, (Talent Development, L&D, OD, Compliance, and Employee Engagement), Capital Farm Credit
  • Eric Clemons, Senior Manager – Employment Brand Strategies, U.S. Cellular
  • Katrina Collier, The Searchologist, Social Recruiting Trainer & Keynote
  • Sarah Cortese, Director of Communications, Capital Farm Credit
  • Heather Coy-Robinson, HR Manager, CarProof
  • Ben Dickie, Senior Manager, Research, Info-Tech Research Group
  • Mark Diker, Senior Manager, Recruitment and Talent Planning, Woodbine Entertainment Group
  • Matthew Doucette, Global Talent Acquisition Leader, Mimecast
  • Ben Eubanks, HR Generalist, Pinnacle Solutions, Inc.
  • Whitney Headen, Managing Partner, 19th & Park Inc.
  • Chris Hodge, AVP Talent Acquisition, RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing
  • Leslie Hughes, LinkedIn Trainer, Profile Writer, Public Speaker, Social Media Marketing Strategist & CEP, PUNCH!media
  • Kristiana Hurley, Human Resources Manager, Inventa
  • Carmen Jeffery, Recruiter & Managing Director/Founder, i-identify
  • Larry Kihlstadius, Solutions Czar, KinetixHR
  • Carly Kleisinger, Manager of Corporate Strategic Communications, City of Lethbridge
  • Shell Lohmann, Director of Talent Programs & Employment Branding, U.S. Cellular
  • Michelle Lusen, Senior Corporate Recruiter, Slack
  • Gemma Matthews, Senior Internal Recruiter, Reward Gateway
  • Ashlyn Schneider, Talent Acquisition Specialist, Worthington Industries
  • Jacob Shriar, Director of Content, Officevibe
  • Lisa Smith-Strother, Senior Director, Global Head Employer Branding, Careers Channels and Diversity TA, Ericsson
  • Kathleen Teixeira, Manager, Talent Acquisition, OLG
  • Mamta Wadhwani, Senior Manager of Talent Acquisition Strategy
  • Jeff Watson, Employer Relationship Developer, Western University
  • Anonymous Contributor, Social Media Community Manager, Telecommunications Industry
  • Social media is typically owned by Marketing or Communications rather than HR, but without HR’s involvement content creation can become misaligned with the employee value proposition.
  • HR sometimes lacks the resources, competencies, or mandate to actively drive social media use.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • HR shouldn’t go at it alone. Partnership with other stakeholders − Marketing, Communications, hiring managers, and employees − is key to success on social media.

Impact and Result

  • HR should focus on a social media strategy that allows them to promote and build the employer brand, plan to actively source potential candidates, and eventually leverage the power of employee ambassadors on social media.
  • To effectively do so, HR needs to identify and partner with current social media owners and learn the necessary competencies to harness this powerful tool.

Research & Tools

2. Optimize the employer brand on social media

Assess current social media usage to determine how HR should get involved and develop guidelines on content creation.

3. Create a social media sourcing and direct outreach plan

Prioritize roles to fill and work with talent acquisition specialists to integrate social media into the sourcing process.

4. Evaluate metrics and refine your approach

Evaluate against identified metrics using each platform’s analytics tools and identify areas for future investment.

Guided Implementations

This guided implementation is a seven call advisory process.

Guided Implementation #1 - Determine social media direction and set goals

Call #1 - Identify and set social media goals and determine relevant SMART and social media metrics.

Guided Implementation #2 - Optimize the employer brand on social media

Call #1 - Review organizational social media efforts and determine how HR can get involved.
Call #2 - Evaluate content suggestions and brainstorm additional content creation ideas.

Guided Implementation #3 - Create a social media sourcing and direct outreach plan

Call #1 - Identify critical and hard-to-fill roles that could be targeted with social media sourcing.
Call #2 - Discuss organizational resources and limitations around social media and individual talent acquisition specialist usage.
Call #3 - Review the Discover, Engage, Connect process and customize the Social Media Sourcing Guide.

Guided Implementation #4 - Evaluate metrics and refine your approach

Call #1 - Review social media and HR metrics to pinpoint social media program successes and identify areas for improvement or growth.

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Module 1: Establish Goals and Metrics

The Purpose

  • Identify social media objectives and determine metrics to track efforts.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Objectives prepared and metrics to sustain and improve social media efforts set.




Identify talent needs.

  • Prioritized needs for HR social media

Evaluate organization’s current social media strategy.


Establish high-level social media goals.

  • Goals and metrics

Set benchmark metrics and take baseline measurements.

Module 2: Optimize the Employer Brand on Social Media

The Purpose

  • Evaluate how social media is used currently in the organization.
  • Determine how to best get HR involved with social media.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Social media process mapped out.
  • HR participation outlined.




Enhance current HR social media presence.


Align current social media presence with the EVP.

  • Process developed for shared platforms

Plan for social media process participation or improvement.

  • Plan for social media improvements

Module 3: Identify Trends and Opportunities

The Purpose

  • Research competitors and platforms.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Platforms to focus social media efforts toward selected.




Analyze competitor trends.

  • Competitor analysis

Analyze competition with a SWOT diagram.

  • SWOT analysis

Research and identify new platforms to build a presence on.

  • List of new social media platforms

Module 4: Plan for Content Creation and Distribution

The Purpose

  • Develop a plan for creating online content.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Created a plan for content management




Brainstorm ideas for content creation.

  • List of content ideas

Build a content calendar.

  • Social media content calendar

Assign content creation responsibilities and deadlines.

  • List of responsibilities and deadlines for content creation

Module 5: Create a Social Media Sourcing and Direct Outreach Plan

The Purpose

  • Examine sourcing resource options and best practices.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Focus roles for sourcing are set.




Pinpoint roles for direct outreach.

  • List of critical or hard-to-fill roles for direct sourcing

Examine social media resources available to HR.


Review and customize the Social Media Sourcing Guide.

  • Customized Social Media Sourcing Guide