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Develop & Enforce Policies That Securely Enable a Mobile Workforce

Prepare your policies for a future when mobile personas are more important than mobile devices.

  • User policies are often created ad hoc or based on outdated policies designed for specific corporate-issued devices.
  • The number of possible technology policies to enable or disable is daunting, and deciding which policies to apply to which users can appear to be a monumental task.
  • Poorly thought-out policies can increase support and management costs, especially if something goes wrong.

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Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • Determine your policy goals based on a forward-looking view of your mobile workforce, and then design policies that align with your goals.
  • Align your mobile policies with your broader mobile strategy, which should in turn align with your IT strategy.

Impact and Result

  • A strong set of mobile user and technology policies will enable a productive workforce, no matter which mobile devices are being used.
  • Automate enforcement of policies as much as possible to keep management and support costs down.
  • Use this solution set to create policies that are carefully thought-out, communicated thoroughly, and effectively enforced. Your workforce will be mobilized in no time.

Develop & Enforce Policies That Securely Enable a Mobile Workforce Research & Tools

1. Understand the need for mobile policy

Understand the current situation with mobility in the enterprise, and how policies fit in.

2. Document your future mobile policy goals

Understand where the future of mobility lies, brainstorm forward-looking goals, and explore the benefits of each goal.

3. Document your current mobile situation

Inventory your current set of mobile policies, identify who is doing what with mobile to determine use cases, and assign user groups to risk profiles.

4. Identify gaps

Identify gaps between your goals and your current mobile situation, and determine steps needed to close these gaps.

6. Incorporate mobile policies into your IT strategy and revisit regularly

Document your policies, insert them into your larger strategies, and revisit them regularly.

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