Allow employees, with manager support, to own their development objectives through goal setting. Employees with the accountability to put action plans in place are better suited to achieve desired performance. Use the Individual Competency Development Plan Template to help employees and their managers:

  • Assess employee proficiency in the organization's priority competencies.
  • Identify and prioritize the competencies they are most interested in developing.
  • Plan for development by setting goals and selecting activities with target dates and success measures.
  • Follow up on progress and recalibrate when needed.
  • Employees will complete this template to action plan on their development goals.

Solution Set Steps

  1. Assess current onboarding efforts
  2. Design a plan to acclimate new hires
  3. Guide employees through performance management
  4. Develop employees for success
    • Individual Competency Development Plan Template
  5. Implement and communicate the new onboarding program


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