Build data literacy and leverage people data within the HR function. As you dive deeper into Data Literacy, this eLearning module includes:

  • An explanation of basic statistical concepts that will help you understand, interpret, and mobilize HR data.
  • Examples of how and where these concepts can change or inform the interpretation of HR data through metrics, visualizations, or analytics.
  • Opportunities to reflect on personal experience.
  • Activities to reinforce learning and apply core principles to data analysis and metrics.

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    Susan Knolla | 11-05-2019

    Would be great if these could be launched/previewed from here in addition to downloadable.

    • 432c05244a845caaca3b276adb15a11e comment
      McLean & Company | 11-08-2019

      Thank you for the great idea. It has been passed along to our research team.


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