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The employee base of most organizations consists of 35% to 50% disengaged employees. Although the responsibility of engagement rests on the shoulders of many stakeholders, managers play a leading role. Managers need to recognize the symptoms of disengagement and take action to reengage.

This training deck will help facilitators:

  • Make the case for why focusing on the individual engagement of employees is so important, instead of leaving it solely up to a survey, which gives you insight into your entire department’s engagement.
  • Help managers understand the causes of employee disengagement, as well as their role as a manager in addressing it.
  • Walk through how to identify those employees who are disengaged or are at risk of being so.
  • Aid managers in taking action to work with each disengaged employee to reengage or cut their losses.

Identifying and turning around an individual who has become disengaged is difficult, but it is imperative to the success of your department.

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