Job Architecture - Tools & Templates

HR Action and Communication Plan

Use this template to establish the actions and communications required to implement the project.

Job Architecture Employee FAQ Template

Use this template to help people leaders effectively communicate the job architecture framework to employees and address any questions or concerns.

Use the Job Architecture Framework to Inform HR Programs

Use this guide to support integrating the job architecture framework with HR programs to ensure cohesion.

Develop a Job Architecture Framework Workbook

Use this workbook to document key information and decisions as you work through the Develop a Job Architecture Framework storyboard.

Project Roadmap Tool

Use this tool to create a project plan to support the roadmap and to prepare for technology selection and implementation.

Microlearning: A Manager’s Guide to Writing Great Job Descriptions

Use this microlearning to help managers learn how to create strong job descriptions.

Job Description Tracking Tool

Use this tool to evaluate the current state of job descriptions and track the progress of updating job descriptions.

Job Description Template – Traditional

Use this template to standardize the content in job descriptions. HR and managers overseeing the position should collaborate to write effective traditional job descriptions.

Job Description Writing Guide

Use this template to outline the appropriate guidelines for managers using the tailored templates to populate job descriptions.

Job Analysis Questionnaire

Use this template to gather information about new and existing roles.
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