Talent Management

Feedback and Coaching Guide

Use this guide to help managers provide practical two-way feedback and effective coaching for employees.

Implement a Job Rotation Program: Stakeholder Presentation

Use this template to gain buy in for the job rotation program from stakeholders.

Job Rotation Readiness Assessment Tool

Use this tool to determine if a job rotation program is right for your organization.

Learning Methods Catalog

Use this catalog to explore and understand common learning methods and their ideal uses.

Develop an Impactful High-Potential Program Storyboard

A hi-po program purposefully identifies employees and provides them with targeted development. However, a lack of clarity around the hi-po definition leads to the wrong...

Role Plays: Coach Employees for High Performance and Development

Use these role plays during coaching training to give managers the opportunity to practice coaching skills in realistic scenarios.

Job Rotation Playbook Template

Use this template to document key global talent mobility decisions.

High-Potential Program FAQ

Use this template to continue strong communication with employees about the high-potential program.

Training Deck: Coach Employees for High Performance and Development

Although coaching is important to employee development and performance, most managers are not as effective at coaching as they think they are. Use this training to help...

Coach Employees for High Performance & Development Participant Handbook

Use this handbook as a reference for managers to find and capture essential information during and after the coaching training session.
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