Talent Acquisition

HR Action and Communication Plan

Use this template to establish the actions and communications required to implement the project.

HR Metrics and Analytics Selection Guide

Determining which metrics will inform action and effectively measure the benefits of HR services requires a thoughtful approach.

High-Volume Recruiting Project Plan

Use this tool to create a project plan and execute on the high-volume recruiting request.

Plan for High-Volume Recruiting Executive Briefing

Use this briefing to make the case for taking a planful approach to high-volume recruiting to your executive team.

Plan for High-Volume Recruiting Storyboard

The demand for talent is high, and organizations are finding themselves recruiting for a higher than normal amount of roles. However, meeting high-volume recruiting needs...

Intake Meeting Template

Use this guide to improve intake sessions and ensure Talent Acquisition Specialists collect the necessary information to guide sourcing efforts.

Case Studies: Plan for High-Volume Recruiting

Refer to these case studies for examples of high-volume recruiting in action.

Candidate Audience Profile Template

Use this template to distill key findings from research on candidate groups that will inform decisions for talent acquisition efforts.

Plan for High-Volume Recruiting

The demand for talent is high, and organizations are struggling to fill roles. High-volume recruitment (HVR) is the process of filling a higher than average number of...
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Determine the Right Recruitment Process Outsourcing Solution

There are a number of recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) providers in the market. Download our research guide and learn how to choose the right RPO solution for your...
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