Hiring, Transfers & Promotions

Employee Records Policy

Employee records are kept for both legal and organizational requirements.

Equal Employment Policy

Freedom from discrimination in employment is recognized as a fundamental right.

Temporary Employee Policy

Direct hire temporary employees may be necessary due to regular staff shortages, during short-term projects, or periods of peak activity.

New Hire Business Case Template

Whether or not your organization utilizes a formal business case process in determining hiring needs, you will benefit from listing and considering factors that influence...

Hiring Policy

The hiring process is a potential employee's first exposure to your organization. The efficiency and quality of that process will permanently influence how they view the...

Employee Code of Conduct

An Employee Code of Conduct document establishes rules for ethical behavior in an organization, as well as outlines recourse in the event of misconduct routes for...

Employee Reference Provision Policy

Providing former employees and co-workers with a job reference is a common practice. However, inappropriate disclosure of information can bring unexpected legal trouble....

Employee Status Change Policy and Form

Employee status can change for a variety of reasons, including promotion, leave of absence, transfer, termination, or change in pay. When a status change occurs, there is...
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