Employment Status, Hours & Pay

Outside Employment Policy

Depending on your industry, you may or may not allow employees to have additional employment outside of the organization.

Sick Days Policy

A clear and comprehensive policy governing sick days is a key element of employee relations at any workplace. Use this template to craft a policy that fits your needs.

Short-Term Disability Policy

Short-term disability is an important part of a comprehensive benefit package. Use this template to provide your employees with a clear statement of the disability...

Paid Time-Off Policy

The Paid Time Off (PTO) Policy is used as a replacement for vacation and sick leave policies. It gives employees more autonomy over when and why they take time off and...

Attendance Management Policy

Managing attendance is one of the most complicated functions of an HR Department. Employees miss work for various reasons, very few of which are the same case by case....

On-Call Policy and Agreement

Maintaining an organization where employees need to be on-call requires a finely-tuned policy to outline expectations.

Overtime Policy

Overtime is a common occurrence in many organizations. Although in some cases it is seen as a given condition, it should still be managed to ensure that overtime worked...
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