Employee Benefits & Services

Company-Owned Vehicle Usage Policy

Outlining the parameters and expectations for employees using company vehicles ensures you take every reasonable precaution in stressing proper use and care.

Jury Duty - Witness Leave Policy

From time to time, employees will be called to jury duty service or to appear as a witness in a court proceeding. Witness leave is the acknowledgement of an employee's...

Military - Reservist Leave Policy

This is a comprehensive policy governing military/reservist leaves of absence for reserve personnel and/or any employees who are covered under the relevant governing...

Tuition - Conference Reimbursement Policy

To support employees in furthering any education or training that is related to their job duties, you may provide a tuition/fee reimbursement (subject to approval).

Lactation Accommodation Policy

The Lactation Accommodation policy provides provisions for new mothers who continue to breastfeed their infant child upon their return to the workplace.

Benefits Policy

Benefits are a powerful tool for attracting and retaining high-quality talent. Therefore, it's in the best interests of every organization to offer some sort of benefits...

Business Expense Reimbursement Policy

In many organizations, employees sometimes have to make purchases on behalf of the organization. In these situations, employees should be aware of the procedures for...

Travel Expense Policy

Ensure that traveling employees are aware of what is considered an acceptable expense and what expenses are eligible for reimbursement by the organization. Establish...
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