Tools & Templates

Standard HR Scorecard

The HR Scorecard is a way to track progress towards your goals. Once you input your initiative information (including date and target metrics), the tool will help...

Ranking Tool

Use this tool to help you implement the ranking method for job evaluation within your organization.

Interview Guide Template

The Interview Guide Template will help you plan for and execute a structured interview process.

Human Resources Competency Library

This comprehensive HR competency library will help you select and develop your technical HR competencies.

Candidate Experience Assessment Tool

Use this tool to assess which areas of the candidate experience need improvement.

Skills Inventory Tool

Use this tool to document the skills that exist in the workforce.

Standard Participant Training Session Evaluation Template

Participant reaction is the key to measuring the initial satisfaction of the training session, determining which areas are working, and which areas require improvement.

Knowledge Transfer Template

Use this template to ensure that job-related knowledge is not lost when employees leave the organization.

Editorial Calendar Template

Use this template to determine the type of content to be shared across social media platforms, assign content authors, and schedule content posts.

Participant Training Session Evaluation Form

Assessing and analyzing participant feedback is critical for helping determine how a training session was received by learners and which areas require improvement. This...
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