Job Descriptions

Learning Content Curator

The Learning Content Curator sources, organizes, and distributes high-quality, relevant learning content to employees, often hosted on multiple platforms and delivered...

Data Warehouse Architect

The Data Warehouse Architect’s role is to strategically design and implement data warehouses, data marts, and data stores while ensuring high levels of data availability.

Business Relationship Manager

The Business Relationship Manager has the mandate to establish a relationship between IT and the business and increase the value realized from IT assets, investments, and...

IT Security Analyst

The IT Security Analyst performs two core functions for the enterprise. The first is the day-to-day operations of the in-place security solutions while the second is the...

Digital Asset Specialist

The Digital Asset Specialist’s role is to perform all related activities related to digital asset management, storage, and distribution.

Portfolio Administrator

The Portfolio Administrator role is focused on the consistent flow of current, accurate, and usable information from the steering committee to the PMO and project...

Program Manager

The Program Manager strategizes and implements high-level program initiatives, ensuring that all programs deliver desirable outcomes to the organization.

Resource Management Analyst

The Resource Management Analyst role supports the Project Management Office by matching supply and demand for project resources.

Innovation Lead

The Innovation Lead works with other stakeholders to create a new digital experience. They work to find market or technological opportunities, using customer feedback,...

IT Vendor Performance Manager

The IT vendor performance manager (VPM) provides review and direction for vendor activities, ensuring that the vendor's performance meets expectations.
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