Learning & Development - Storyboard

Implement Curated Learning Storyboard

Modernize L&D by using curated learning to give learners the right content, at the right time.

Implement a Job Rotation Program Storyboard

Give employees a better perspective of the organization and alleviate job dissatisfaction and monotony though a job rotation program that builds key capabilities. 

Build HR Influence Through Curiosity and a Coach Approach Learning Guide

This research explores how you, as an HR professional, can use coaching techniques in day-to-day interactions to build HR influence with other organizational leaders...

Build Impactful Leadership Development Programs Storyboard

Leadership development is a top priority for executives, yet current practices often do not demonstrate value to the business itself. Align development practices with...

Training Deck: Build an Effective Mentoring Relationship

All too often there is confusion between coaching, mentoring, and feedback. Help your managers understand the value that mentoring can provide and the types of mentoring...

Training Deck: Define a Leadership Identity

Use this training deck to facilitate training on leadership identity.

Training Deck: Effectively Navigate Conflict

Use this training deck to train managers to recognize the many roles that people managers take on in conflict management, choose appropriate conflict management...

Develop a Comprehensive Onboarding Plan Storyboard

Welcome new employees to the organization with a clear, consistent and comprehensive onboarding program to start them on the right track.

Implement a Buddy System at Work

Build a consistent way for peer mentors to help onboard employees new to their role.

Training Deck: Equip Managers to Foster a Dynamic Learning Mindset

Use this training deck to train managers to develop and actively support a dynamic learning mindset in themselves and across their teams to promote innovation,...
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