Standard Participant Training Session Evaluation Template

Participant reaction is the key to measuring the initial satisfaction of the training session, determining which areas are working, and which areas require improvement.

Learning Methods Catalog

Use this catalog to explore and understand common learning methods and their ideal uses.

HR Development Activities Catalog

Use this catalog to identify relevant internal and external development opportunities.

Training Deck: Business Acumen for HR Professionals

Train HR professionals to understand and apply the fundamentals of business acumen. Through understanding of the organization, its industry, operations, and financial...

HR Development Workbook

Use this tool throughout the HR capabilities project to plan the development program, record key information, and perform a departmental competency assessment.

Building Organizational Awareness Tool

Leverage this tool reflect on your current organizational knowledge and identify how you want to continue to expand your business acumen.

Build HR Influence Through Curiosity and a Coach Approach Infographic

Review this infographic to reflect on the key takeaways of the Build HR Influence Through Curiosity and a Coach Approach Learning Guide.

Build HR Influence Through Curiosity and a Coach Approach Learning Guide

This research explores how you, as an HR professional, can use coaching techniques in day-to-day interactions to build HR influence with other organizational leaders...

Build Trust Self-Reflection Tool

Use this tool to reflect on the concept of trust when building relationships with leaders.

HR Resilience Workbook

Use this template to capture insights, themes, and needs for resilience techniques that HR can practice.
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