HR Development - Blueprints

Navigate the Complexities of HR Facilitation

HR professionals can use this resource to help them prepare in advance of facilitation, guide shared insight generation during facilitated sessions, and manage...

Overcome the Challenges of Project Management

HR professionals can use this resource to help them overcome barriers in the project management process by understanding the current state, aligning with decision maker...

Build HR Influence Through Curiosity and a Coach Approach

This guide explores how HR professionals can leverage coaching techniques in everyday interactions to become thought partners with leaders and boost HR influence in...

Manage Your HR Brand

A lot of HR’s work takes place behind the scenes which makes it harder for others to understand the value HR delivers to the organization. Collaborate with your HR team...
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Develop Storytelling in HR

Leverage the power of storytelling in HR to drive influence and gain support for HR initiatives that impact talent in the organization.
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Build a Resilient HR Team

HR’s role is complex, emotionally draining, and high pressure, which often leads to chronic stress. Lack of HR resilience impacts the individuals, organizational success,...
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Succeed as a CHRO With a Leadership Development Program

Industry disruption, organizational complexity, technological changes, and external risks are continuing to change the world of work and, as a result, the role of the...
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