HR Development - Solution Sets

Business Acumen for HR Professionals

Understand and apply the fundamentals of business acumen in the context of its relation to human resources. By gaining essential knowledge of the organization, its...
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Develop Storytelling in HR

Leverage the power of storytelling in HR to drive influence and gain support for HR initiatives that impact talent in the organization.
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Strategically Develop a 360 Feedback Process

Offer employees a 360 feedback assessment to gain a holistic and valuable view of their behavior from multiple perspectives.
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Build a Resilient HR Team

HR’s role is complex, emotionally draining, and high pressure, which often leads to chronic stress. Lack of HR resilience impacts the individuals, organizational success,...
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Neuroscience and HR

Adopt neuroscience-based HR practices to decrease workplace threat responses and increase positive reward responses, leading to increased employee engagement, innovation,...
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