HR Technology & Operations

Children in the Workplace Policy

There are occasions where employees may be required to bring their children to work. Use this policy to minimize disruption at your workplace and set out appropriate...

Inclusive Language Guide

Embedding inclusive language in written communications ensures organizations use language that acknowledges the diverse identities of the audience to foster respect and...
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Community Fundraising Policy

Giving back to your community increases engagement and benefits your community partners. Use this template to guide a fundraising program in your workplace.

Storyboard: Train Managers to Handle Difficult Conversations

Many managers fail to communicate when it comes to handling difficult conversations. Understand why you should train managers in this area and how you can get managers to...

HR Budgeting Guide Storyboard

Use this research to understand key concepts related to organizational budgeting, establish HR’s role as a strategic business partner in the budgeting process, and review...

Policy Draft Review Form

Use this template to solicit feedback from stakeholders on policy development.

Office Supplies Policy

Managing common supplies is too important to the functioning of any office. Set clear expectations and procedures in a well-crafted office supplies policy.

Hardware and Software Purchase Policy

Defining hardware and software requirements and purchasing procedures is integral to the management of your organization's assets. Clear the confusion by implementing a...

Rehiring Policy

While former employees are an increasingly important part of the talent pool, lack of clear rehiring procedures may result in unnecessary costs and resentment. A...

Hiring of Relatives Policy

Employing relatives or spouses comes with risks of conflicts of interest and tension in the workplace. A carefully crafted policy will ensure your organization retains...
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