Organizational Design & HR Structure - Tools & Templates

Service-Level Agreement Template

Use this template to outline expectations and accountabilities for vendor/organization relationships.

HR Outsourcing Assessment Tool

Use this tool to identify HR pain points and decide whether to move forward with pursuing an HRO solution.

HR Stakeholders Expectations Log

One of the worst things you can do is to solicit input and then ignore it. Use this tool to document the details of HR stakeholder expectations so that they're not...

HR Competencies Inventory Tool

The HR Competencies Inventory Tool allows you to easily document all competency information related to role requirements, as well as the current skills of your team.

HR Capabilities Workbook

Use this tool throughout the HR capabilities project to plan the development program, record key information, and perform a departmental competency assessment.

HR Competency Development Guide

Use this guide to select competency development opportunities.

Human Resources Competency Library

This comprehensive HR competency library will help you select and develop your technical HR competencies.

HR Services: Manager Satisfaction Survey Tool

HR satisfaction surveys provide valuable feedback on the quality of your management-facing HR services. This tool will help you measure service levels across different HR...

Process Mapping Guide

Use this guide to understand process mapping best practices.

HR Shared Services Business Case Template

Use this template to compose a compelling business case to gain executive buy-in and support for a tailored HR shared service model.
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