HR Strategy

M&A Terms and Conditions Inventory

Use this tool to evaluate the terms and conditions of both the acquiring and acquired organization, and select a target position for each term or condition.

Effectively Manage HR's Work

HR’s stress levels are on the rise, and HR’s work is becoming more strategic. Support the HR organization with optimizing and prioritizing their work to ensure HR is...
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HR Ad Hoc Requests Tracker

Use this tool to capture ad hoc requests in one place as they are submitted to the HR organization.

Effectively Manage HR's Work – Infographic

Review this infographic for an overview of various methods that can support HR with managing their work.

Effectively Manage HR’s Work Executive Briefing

Use this briefing to make the case for implementing methods to manage HR's work.

Manage HR's Work Workbook

Use this tool to document and select methods for managing HR's work for the current and next year.

Effectively Manage HR’s Work Guide

Use this guide to effectively manage and prioritize HR's work to ensure HR is undertaking work that supports organizational goals.

C-Suite Succession Planning

This guide provides an overview of the key dimensions to guide HR executives to work with relevant parties to develop and implement a C-suite succession plan.

HR Metrics and Analytics Selection Guide

Determining which metrics will inform action and effectively measure the benefits of HR services requires a thoughtful approach.

HR Dashboards Catalog

Use this catalog to pull data, visualizations, and storytelling together to create a dashboard.
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