HR Strategy

HR Action and Communication Plan

Use this template to establish the actions and communications required to implement the project.

Change Post-Mortem Template

Use this template to record lessons learned during change implementation.

Navigate Change Storyboard

Change is inevitable, but managing change doesn't have to be complicated. Assess organizational readiness for change, identify the potential impact, develop an action and...

Navigate Change Executive Briefing

Use this briefing to make the case for adopting simplified, people-first change management practices to effectively lead the organization through change.

Change Framing Template

Use this template to document a change overview.

Change Action and Communication Plan

Use this tool to establish clear action steps and communications to implement a change.

Change FAQ Template

Use this template to outline a list of frequently asked questions for leaders who will spearhead the change.

Change Training Session Feedback Form

Use this form to gather feedback from participants on the Lead Through Change training session.

Sample Change Survey Questions Guide

Use a change survey to gather feedback on the entire change process.

HR Competency Development Guide

Use this guide to select competency development opportunities.
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