The Pandemic's Impact on Career Plans

The pandemic changed the nature of work and how we view the work we’re doing. Find out if there are workforce trends toward radical job changes when the pandemic ends or...
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The Pandemic's Impact on Career Plans Report

When the pandemic hit, many put their career plans on hold. One year later, McLean & Company investigates the pandemic's impact on career plans. Download this report to...

Webinar: CHRO Roundtable: 2021 Top Three HR Priorities: Talent Acquisition, Developing Leaders, Managing Labor Costs

Despite the immense change HR has experienced in 2020, the top three HR priorities have remained the same year over year. Our expert panel shares their insights on Talent...

Crisis Workbook

Use this tool to capture key information in one place while working through the crisis identification process.

Business Impact Analysis Tool

Use this tool to conduct and document a business impact analysis to inform a business continuity plan.

BCM Project Tracker

Use this tool to track projects that result from business continuity planning and crisis management efforts.

Relocation Checklists

Use this tool to plan for and coordinate the relocation of business operations and staff to an alternate site or work-from-home.

BCM Maintenance and Testing Schedule

Use this tool to track the frequency of testing and review activities for the business continuity and crisis management plans.

Develop Business Continuity Management Response Plans Executive Briefing

Use this Executive Briefing to make the case to executives that HR needs to be involved in business continuity management.

BCP Recovery Workflow Example

Use this example BCP recovery workflow to support BCP recovery planning efforts.
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