HR Trends Report 2023

Explore the trends that will influence HR in 2023 and beyond as determined by over 1,000 human resources and business professionals in McLean & Company’s HR Trends Report...
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HR Trends Report for 2023

Discover the five trends defining HR’s path in 2023: Re-Examining HR’s Role in 2023, Expanding the Employee Experience Conversation, Making Space for DEI, Charting the...

Skills Inventory for Redeployment Tool

Use this tool to match employees with needed skills in order to redeploy employees.

Redeployment Action and Communication Plan

Use this template to develop a redeployment action plan and document messaging.

Short-Term Survival Segment Evaluation Tool

Use this tool to evaluate employee segments like roles or departments and determine which are most important to the organization's short and/or long-term viability.

Redeploy Your Workforce During a Crisis

COVID-19 is showing the true impacts that our volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) world can have. The world has been forced to respond, with a pandemic...
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Redeploy Your Workforce During a Crisis Executive Briefing

Use this briefing to prepare your executives for the economic repercussions of a crisis and their effect on employment.

Redeployment Communication Roll-Up Template

Use this template to capture and communicate relevant redeployment and layoff information.

Redeploy Your Workforce During a Crisis Storyboard

In times of crisis, there's an opportunity to redeploy employees to areas of need instead of laying them off, which will better position the organization to get back to...

Team Engagement Discussion Activities

Use this tool to facilitate engagement discussions with your team.
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