HR Strategy

Navigate C-Suite Dynamics

This guide enables the CHRO to facilitate collaboration, influence, and achieve organizational success through effectively navigating the C-suite.

Uncover the Employee Value Proposition Executive Briefing

Use this document to make the case for a strong employee value proposition to your executive team.

Talent Implications Checklist

Use this checklist to help identify talent implications from your organization's strategy that will inform HR strategy and priorities.

HR Guide for Supporting Retained Employees After a Layoff

Use this guide to identify best practices for supporting retained employees after a layoff to bolster trust, resilience, and engagement.

Manager Guide for Supporting Retained Employees After a Layoff

Use this guide to help managers understand retained employees' experience after a layoff and ways to provide support.

Post-Layoff Stay Conversation Guide

Use this tool to support managers in facilitating effective post-layoff stay conversations with their team members.

HR Management & Governance Diagnostic Guide Storyboard

Use this workbook to launch the HR Management & Governance diagnostic in your organization.

HR Organizational Alignment Diagnostic Guide Storyboard

Gain insight into stakeholder perception of HR performance and HR service importance to better align with stakeholder needs.

HR Organizational Alignment Diagnostic Guide

Compare key player satisfaction with HR effectiveness. Use McLean & Company’s HROA diagnostic to identify and support organizational and key player needs.
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HR Organizational Alignment Diagnostic Workbook

Use this workbook to document key information, decisions, and progress as you work through the guide.
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