HR Metrics & Analytics - Blueprints

Get Started With HR Analytics

Leverage the value of HR analytics solutions to prepare for the future of HR and take advantage of the advancements in the HR analytics space.
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Develop an Effective Talent Retention Plan

Many organizations are facing an increase in voluntary turnover as low unemployment, a lack of skilled labor, and a rise in the number of vacant roles have given...
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Data Literacy for HR Professionals

Data is everywhere, but its true power comes from an ability to observe trends and gain insight from it. Learning to leverage often readily available people data can help...
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Establish Data Governance for HR

Download this research to implement HR data governance practices using a phased approach that addresses both urgent and strategic data governance needs.
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Basics of Navigating Data for Managers

Download McLean & Company’s training deck to cultivate effective data literacy strategies and navigate the complexities of a data-driven work world.
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