Work Environment - Tools & Templates

Journey Map Template

Use this template to develop a journey map that illustrates employees' perceptions, emotions, and needs experience through a specific work process.

Employee Experience Project Planning Template

Use this template to document employer and employee needs from the employee lifecycle.

Storyboarding Guide

Use this guide to understand the benefits of using protoyping methods like storyboarding to clarify processes, ideas, and visions.

Employee Experience Test Session Guide

Use this guide during prototype testing sessions to track feedback conversations.

Team Effectiveness Questionnaire

Use this template to survey team members and understand the current state of team effectiveness.

Team Effectiveness Assessment Tool

Use this tool to quickly identify focus areas for team improvement.

Improve Team Effectiveness Facilitation Guide

Use this template to debrief teams on team effectiveness assessment results and begin action planning for improvement.

Improve Team Effectiveness Action Plan

Use this tool to outline the necessary steps to achieve effective team performance.

Employee Wellbeing Program Planning Tool

Use this tool to outline the wellbeing program plan and document the process with the project team in conjunction with the blueprint, Provide Balanced Wellbeing Programs.

Sample Wellbeing Initiatives List

Use this list of wellbeing offerings, benefits, and rewards to begin discussion and shortlist practices for the employee wellness strategy.
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