Work Environment - Tools & Templates

Wellness and Working From Home

A sudden shift to working from home can create a lot of stress, especially during a time with so many changes and uncertainty. Help employees maintain physical and mental...

Performance Management for Emergency Work-From-Home

Performance management during an emergency work-from-home (WFH) protocol may be a challenge for managers that are not used to leading a remote team. Help managers adjust...

Health & Safety At Home Infographic

When employees work from home, ensure health and safety is top of mind. Help employees keep themselves safe wherever they are working.

Ergonomic Workspaces Infographic

Moving to a work-from-home arrangement comes with many changes – including changing your physical workspace. Provide employees with tips to create a healthy and safe...

Emergency WFH Assessment Tool

Be prepared to launch emergency work-from-home measures during a crisis. Use this tool to quickly determine eligibility, audit technology and setup capabilities, and...

Work-From-Home Tips for Employees

Provide employees with this infographic to help them remain productive while balancing work and life in a remote work environment.

Work-From-Home Tips for Managers

Provide managers with this infographic to help them maintain productivity and support their teams as they work remotely.

Launch Emergency Work-From-Home

Prepare to support a remote workforce during a crisis. Use this guide to plan and implement work-from-home measures across your organization.

Sales Management Cadence Template

Use this template to help managers establish a regular cadence of critical interactions with their sales team members that meets the unique requirements of your business.

Sales Management Cadence Tool

Use this tool to document your sales management responsibilities and assess your time commitment.
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