Work Environment - Tools & Templates

Collaboration Ideas Catalog

Use this catalog to explore solutions that can increase collaboration across functions or departments.

Standard Project Charter

This template should be used to create a charter for your project team with a formal outline and sign-off of key project information.

Samples of Collaboration Technology Maps

Use this template to find instructions and samples of actual completed inventories of collaboration technology.

Network Activation Action Plan

As part of the Activate Networks to Enable Collaboration Training Deck, complete this action plan to document tangible things that you can do to help your team members...

Managers Guide: Effectively Identify and Extinguish Burnout

Use this guide to enable people leaders to identify and address individual experiences of burnout within their teams.

Employee Burnout Infographic

Share this one-page infographic with employees to help them identify their burnout and empower them to raise burnout concerns.

Standard Participant Training Session Evaluation Template

Participant reaction is the key to measuring the initial satisfaction of the training session, determining which areas are working, and which areas require improvement.

Flex Time Policy

Use this template to set guidelines and the scope for your flex time work options.

Flex Time-Off Policy

Use this template to set guidelines and the scope for your flex time-off work options.

Guide to Flexible Work for Managers and Employees

Use this tool to guide managers through the flexible work program.
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