Employee Engagement - Tools & Templates

Employee Experience Workbook

Use this tool to analyze data and begin the process of developing the key area(s) of focus for the employee experience initiative.

Discovery Interview Guide

Use this guide to find interviewing tips and sample questions that can be used during discovery interviews to gain employee perspectives.

Empathy Map Template

Use this template to develop an empathy map in order to synthesize employee thoughts, feelings, and needs.

Journey Map Template

Use this template to develop a journey map that illustrates employees' perceptions, emotions, and needs experience through a specific work process.

Employee Experience Project Planning Template

Use this template to document employer and employee needs from the employee lifecycle.

Employee Experience Test Session Guide

Use this guide during prototype testing sessions to track feedback conversations.

Collaboration and Networking Self-Assessment

Use this self-assessment tool to gauge the participants' comfort level with network activation prior to training and the behavior change achieved after completion of training.

LMS Download: Activate Networks to Enable Collaboration

This interactive eLearning module explains network activation, allowing managers to connect employees who can share knowledge and experience. This LMS Download is...

Employee Engagement Email Templates

Use these templates to facilitate communications when in-person discussion is not feasible.

Employee Engagement Focus Group Guide

Use this guide to assist in the facilitation of focus groups to select initiatives that address employee engagement drivers.
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