Train Managers to Craft Their Leadership Brand

Build a leadership brand to differentiate capabilities and elevate professional influence.

Onsite Workshop

Managers who have not created a thoughtful and authentic leadership brand often:

  • Have an inconsistent or confusing approach to leading. 
  • Are not aligning who they are with what they want to do, causing them to feel disengaged and unmotivated. 
  • Do not fulfill their leadership potential. 
  • Try to be all things to all people and exhaust themselves managing different stakeholders. 

Leaders who hold themselves accountable to their brand:

  • Increase their ability to achieve career goals.
  • Stand out and make known the unique value they have to offer.
  • Clarify the actions they should and should not be taking.
  • Increase their own self-awareness and communication skills.

Module 1: Train Managers to Craft Their Leadership Brand

The Purpose

  • Train managers to uncover your competencies and differentiators.
  • Have managers draft their own leadership brand statement and assess its validity with external input.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Self-awareness and conscious effort towards focused actions that improve employee interactions and leadership decisions.

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Review and customize the manager training deck and tools.
  • Customized manager training presentation and materials.
1.2 Facilitate leadership branding training.
  • Facilitated training session.

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