Recruiting Calendar Template

Author(s): Amanda Stirling, Ashley Michael

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Managers are often looking for a way to speed up the recruiting process, but there aren’t always ways to expedite it. Use this Recruiting Calendar Template to communicate timelines and expectations to the hiring manager, keep the recruitment process on track, and outline responsibilities between HR and the hiring manager.

Built and maintained by HR, the recruiting calendar outlines general time frames for each stage of the process, including:

  • Writing and revising the job description.
  • Writing and revising the job posting.
  • All screening activities (resume and phone interview).
  • Two rounds of interviews as well as additional candidate assessments.
  • Drafting and presenting the job offer.
  • Time allotted for the successful candidate to consider the offer, and work a final two-weeks in their current role.

This template should be filled out by HR at the beginning of the recruitment process (i.e. when a hiring need is identified by the manager and communicated to HR), and shared with the manager.

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