Base Pay - Tools & Templates

Salary Administration Guidelines

Use this template to establish salary controls in order to avoid salary pain in the future.

Base Pay Structure Tool

Create a base pay structure that is internally and externally equitable by balancing the internal job worth hierarchy with external market competitiveness.

Pay Transparency and Communications Plan

Develop a pay transparency strategy that suits your organization and draft a communications plan that aligns to your strategic objectives.

Total Rewards Strategy Workbook

Use this workbook to document decisions that need to be made while building a Total Rewards strategy.

Total Rewards Employee Question Bank

Leverage McLean & Company’s Total Rewards Employee Question Bank to collect additional information from employees on total rewards preferences.

Market Data Sources by Industry

Use this tool to review a list of market data sources by industry. McLean & Company is not affiliated with or endorsing any of these market data sources.

Case Studies: Evolve Pay for Performance

Refer to these case studies for examples of how organizations have evolved pay for performance.

Salary Assessment Tool

Use this tool to conduct a salary assessment at your organization.

Case Studies: Conduct a Salary Structure Assessment

Refer to these case studies for examples of how organizations have undergone a salary assessment.

Pay Equity Report Sample

Use this sample report to gain ideas on how to structure your own pay equity report.
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