Talent Management - Tools & Templates

LMS Download: Improve Poor Employee Performance

This interactive eLearning module will help managers identify the root causes for poor employee performance and devise strategies to address them at an early stage and in...

Microlearning: Practice Managing Employee Reactions to Poor Performance Conversations

This interactive microlearning module will equip managers with the skills to manage employee reactions to complex conversations about poor performance. It is intended...

Learning Methods Catalog

Use this catalog to explore and understand common learning methods and their ideal uses.

Process Mapping Guide

Use this guide to understand process mapping best practices.

Employee Career Development Workbook

Use this template to create a guide for both employees and managers to help ensure the success of employee-driven career paths.

Manager Career Conversation Guide

Use this template to prepare managers to guide career conversations with their employees.

Job Analysis Questionnaire

Use this template to gather information about new and existing roles.

Leadership Competency Library

This comprehensive leadership competency library will help you select and develop your technical leadership competencies.

Microlearning: Goal Management Guide

Use this microlearning as just-in-time training to prepare for or debrief after goal management conversations.

Job Rotation Tracking Tool

Use this tool to track relevant information from incoming job rotation applications.
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