Talent Management - Tools & Templates

HR Action and Communication Plan

Use this template to establish the actions and communications required to implement the project.

Competency Mapping Tool

Use this tool to map competency proficiency levels to roles in the organization to describe the desired behaviors employees are expected to exhibit.

Talent Management Program Assessment Tool

Use this assessment to facilitate of feedback sessions on the talent management framework.

Functional Competencies Needs Analysis and Prioritization Tool

Use this tool to work through a needs analysis and prioritization exercise to determine which function(s) to focus on when creating functional competencies.

Functional Competencies Workbook

Use this tool to develop functional competencies and map them to the roles within the function.

Employee Sponsorship Workbook

Use this Employee Sponsorship Workbook to document key information about the organization's level of readiness, need for sponsorship, priority employee segments, goals...

Employee Sponsorship Charter Template

Use this Employee Sponsorship Charter Template to document sponsorship expectations and relationship milestones that must be shared with sponsors and sponsorees.

Generative AI Workforce Planning Implications Tool

Use this tool to understand how generative AI will impact the workforce based on use cases within the organization.

Generative AI Task Assessment Tool

Use this tool to evaluate roles and tasks for their potential exposure to automation due to generative AI.

Microlearning: Keep Your Best and Brightest – A Manager’s Guide to Stay Conversations

Stay conversations, or stay interviews, are an important element in preventing employee turnover, yet some organizations tend to overlook them. This microlearning is a...
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