Tools & Templates

Skills Inventory for Redeployment Tool

Use this tool to match employees with needed skills in order to redeploy employees.

Short-Term Survival Segment Evaluation Tool

Use this tool to evaluate employee segments like roles or departments and determine which are most important to the organization's short and/or long-term viability.

Redeployment Action and Communication Plan

Use this template to develop a redeployment action plan and document messaging.

Redeployment Communication Roll-Up Template

Use this template to capture and communicate relevant redeployment and layoff information.

Crisis Communication Guides

Use these guides to create organizational communications that are calm and transparent and reinforce the business continuity plan.

LMS Download: Difficult Conversations at Work – Practice and Plan Effective Strategies

This interactive eLearning module will help managers have increased confidence through gaining a methodology for having difficult conversations and a safe environment to...

LMS Download: Difficult Conversations at Work – Reflect on Strengths and Opportunities for Improvement

This interactive eLearning module will help managers and their teams focus on working together successfully with solid communication methods, which in turn impacts...

Market Data Sources by Industry

Use this tool to review a list of market data sources by industry. McLean & Company is not affiliated with or endorsing any of these market data sources.

Team Engagement Discussion Guide

Use this tool to plan how you will facilitate an engagement discussion with your team.

Handbook: Train Managers in the Art of Decision Making

Use this handbook to collect information and participate in activities during training on decision making and as a reference guide post-training.
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